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Memories of Noname

July 26, 2017  •  1 Comment

Look back on a meaningful memory, one that you have revisited so many times it has become polished from your touch like a favorite pebble or coin. Examine the layers: the initial experience is just the framework. The emotions, in the moment and since, have expanded the memory, allowing it to extend like a dream beyond its physical foundations. It has intertwined with other experiences, spreading tendrils between the memories that influence both ends. And upon each visit, your present consciousness has fine-tuned the details, eventually discarding irrelevant ones while enhancing and distorting the pieces that have become an integral part of you.

Ernst Haas said “there is only you and your camera… for what you see is what you are.” Memory is just the same: every preserved moment has morphed as it has been internalized and incorporated in the development of self. “Memories of noname”  (pronounced no-NAH-meh) is my experiment in recreating memories as they exist, as they pulse and shimmer, in my mind. Each image can be understood as a incarnation of memory, maybe from a single experience, maybe for multiple overlaid on top of each other—a collage of the physical and emotional landmarks. The feeling of the light on your skin, the electricity sparked with a glance, the weight of an emotion that overwhelms all physical sensations.  

You are seeing my work at a paradigm shift: I am no longer trying to create art as a final product, but using art as a tool—to understand myself and the world around me. This show reexamines memories formed before I discovered my artistic outlet, which I finally have a chance to capture and recreate, doing justice to the feelings and echoes bottled in them. Originating in the distant and recent past, these are the tributaries of experience, changed with time as they wind through my mind, that come together to form myself. I hope “Memories of noname” helps you to look upon your own story with a renewed curiosity, or rediscover the magic of an old memory that has been overshadowed by the immediacy of the present.


Written by Leona Waller


rush my essay(non-registered)
Oh, the memories of Noname are just so fresh in my mind, still. I know that most of the rush my essay people will think I am telling lies here, but I am really not. You can even ask my colleagues about the adventures I've had.
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